• Annette Kurpershoek

Annette Kurpershoek

  • Jaap van der Meiden

Jaap van der Meiden

Manager Institute Contextual Approach

  • Martine Noordegraaf

Martine Noordegraaf

Lecturer Youth and Family


Institute Contextual Approach


 International Conference on Contextual Therapy 2018
The Netherlands
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Platform and expertise centre for Contextual Therapy and other applications of the contextual approach.

The ICA wants to contribute to the further development and dissemination of the contextual approach, as develloped by Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy. We focus on the application of contextual thinking in therapy and social work. But we also try to find useful applications of the contextual principles in nursing, education, counseling, etc.

We do this through training, development and research:

  • The ICA develloped three courses on Contextual therapy as well as several short courses
  • The ICA is focused on developing the Contextual Approach in the direction of methodology and application in different settings
  • In collaboration with the Research Group Youth and Families we initiate research on the founding principles and efficacy of the contextual thinking.

ICA is part of the Christian University for Applied Studies. Currently about 25 teachers, trainers, supervisors, researchers and developers are involved in the ICA, ranging from contextual therapists, familytherapists and psychologists to psychiatrists and other professionals with particular specialty.